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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1973Two results in lesniewski's mereologyClay, Robert, E
1974Measurement in Health Behavior: Methods for Research and EducationDi Iorio, Colleen Konicki
Jan-1974Some mereological modelsClay, Robert, E
Mar-1974Daily Cycle of Mitotis in Root Tips of Hydrocleis nymphoides (Willd). BuchenauStephens, Charles, E.
1976Rational Approximants to Holomorphic Functions in n-DimensionsLutterodt, C. H
1976Rational Approximants to Holomorphic Functions in n-DimensionsLutterodt, C.H
Jun-1976Adult Mortality and Fidelity to Mate and Nest-site in a Group of Marked FulmarsMacdonald, M. A
Aug-1976Diurnal periodicity in some common flowersYANNEY EWUSIE, J.; QUAYE, E. C.
Feb-1977An analysis of the recoveries of British-ringed fulmarsMacDonald ., M. A
Feb-1977Bird studyMacdonald, M. A
Jul-1982Algae from the Rhynie ChertEdwards, David, S; Lyon, A. G
1984Polymorphismof the tropical butterfly,danaus chrysippus l., in AfricaGordon, I.J.
Mar-1984Polymorphism of the tropical butterfly, Danaus chrysippus L., in AfricaGordon, I.J
1986Choices for health care: a practical introduction to the economics of health provisioMooney, Gavin H.; Russell, Elizabeth M.; Weir, Roy D.
Sep-1986Natural selection for rare and mimetic colour pattern combinations in wild populations of the diadem butterfly, Hypolimnas misippus L.Gordon, I.J
Mar-1987The genetics of the butterfly hypolimnas misippus (L.): The classification of phenotypes and the inheritance of forms misippus and inariaSmith, D.A.S; Gordon, I.J
Mar-1987The genetics of the butterfly Hypolimnasmisippus (L.):Smith, David, A.S; Gordon, I.J
1993Environmental Management and Business StrategyWelford, Richard; Gouldson, Andrew
1993Ethics in Public Administration: A Philosophical ApproachSheeran, Patrick J.
Oct-1993Le sahel comme espace littéraire dans le Roman ouest Africain d'expression francaiseKrakue, Sylvester Petrus