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dc.contributor.authorAbdul-Hamid, Mustapha-
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dc.description.abstractChristianity and Islam have been locked up for centuries in a constant battle for land and souls. This struggle for turf has been responsible for countless wars that have resulted in huge losses, both human and material. For faiths that claim to represent peace, this is ironical. Fortunately, ever since the Second World War, there has been a lull in these battles for souls and supremacy, at least on a global scale. However within countries, there continues to be outbreak of hostilities between adherents of these faiths. This paper posits that there are enough grounds for adherents these faiths to live together in peace and harmony in spite of their competing truth claims. Using Ghana as an example, this paper explores the practical ways in which adherents of these faiths have managed to live together in love, peace and harmony. This paper concludes that there are areas of life, (which this paper designates as theatres of love) which make it easier for us to show love towards one another rather than animosity and hostility.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Cape Coasten_US
dc.titleTheatres of love & the nexus between Christianity & Islam: the case of Ghanaen_US
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