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Title: Effects of service quality delivery on customer satisfaction in the Banking sector: A study in the Cape Coast Metropolis
Authors: Adjei, Nathaniel Duah
Keywords: Service quality
Quality service
Customer satisfaction
Banking sector
Cape Coast Metropolis
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: University of Cape Coast
Abstract: Quality service is an important factor to customer satisfaction. In the world of global economy, banking sector needs has become more diverse and exotic than ever before. The purpose of the study was to assess the effects of quality service delivery on customer satisfaction in banking institutions in Cape Coast. The methods of the study made use of the positivist philosophy of research. Thus, the use of quantitative primary data collected from the field. The sample size for the study was 300 customers from the Zenith Bank. The respondents were selected accidentally for the study. The study showed that there is a statistically significant effect between tangibility and customer satisfaction. The study also established that the combination of reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy all have significant effect on customer satisfaction. Therefore, service quality has positive effect oncustomer satisfaction. The study, therefore, recommended that since bank is a service oriented organization, the management of the bank should provide continuous training to the employees on issues like courtesy, etiquette and communication skills while dealing with customers. Banks should continuously maintain error-free transactions, since bank accounts and figures are very sensitive for each and every customer.The management needs to improve quality services so as to satisfy customer’s needs.Further study should investigate the impact of service quality dimension on technological trust and usage by consumers of commercial banks.
Description: xii,73p.:ill
ISSN: 23105496
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