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Title: Mobile phones and education in sub-saharan Africa: from youth practice to public policy
Authors: Porter, G.
Hampshire, K.
Milner, J.
Munthali, A.
Robson, E.
De Lannoy, A.
Bango, A.
Gunguluza, N.
Mashiri, M.
Tanle, A.
Abane, A. M.
Keywords: mobile phones
South Africa
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Journal of International Development
Abstract: Young people’s use of mobile phones is expanding exponentially across Africa. Its transformative potential is exciting, but findings presented in this paper indicate how the downside of mobile phone use in African schools is becoming increasingly apparent. Drawing on mixed-methods field research in 24 sites across Ghana, Malawi and South Africa and associated discussions with educational institutions, public policy makers and network providers, we examine the current state of play and offer suggestions towards a more satisfactory alignment of practice and policy which promotes the more positive aspects of phone use in educational contexts and militates against more damaging ones.
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