Collection Management

The section is responsible for books/material acquisitions and stock management as well as the preservation of Library books/material resources and curriculum support.

Special Collections

The section is responsible for the management of the special collections of the Library namely; Africana, Dissertations/Theses, World Bank Publications, Past questions and the University Gallery.

Library IT Infrastructure Support

The section is responsible for providing ICT support for the Library. The specific functions include, the provision and maintenance of computers, scanners, printers, photocopiers etc., Network Administration including Internet services, software development as well as Digitization services, R-CAMAT and Library website management.

Learning and Research Support

The section is responsible for the management of the Research/Knowledge Commons,
Library Assessment and Quality Assurance, Research Support, Intellectual property, Institutional Repository, Scholarly publishing and Open Access issues.


The section is responsible for cataloguing and classification of all the newly acquired books/materials. The function includes both original and retrospective cataloguing as well as the management of the Library Management System (KOHA).

Periodicals Management

The section is responsible for subscriptions and management of periodical collections.

Technical Services

The section is responsible for photocopying and Bindery services.

Client Services

The section is responsible for client services namely; Circulation, Reference, E-resources Management, ILL/DD, Students Engagement and Outreach programmes.

Satellite/Distance Learning Library Services

The section is responsible for the coordination of the thirty-one (31) Satellite Libraries and Distance Learning Library services.

Library Administration

The Library Administration provides administrative support, Logistic Support, Records management, Physical Facilities Management, Meetings, HR issues, Procurement, Accounts Management, Library Advancement, Marketing and Advocacy etc.

List of Satellite Libraries

College of Agriculture & Natural Sciences

 School of Agricultural Science Library

 Department of Biological Science Library

 Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Life Library

 Department of Chemistry Library

 Mathematics & Statistics Library

 Sasakawa Library

College of Health & Allied Sciences

 School of Medical Science Library

 Clinical Teaching Centre Library

 Hospital Library

College of Education Studies

 College of Education Studies Library

 Institute of Education Library

 Basic Education Library (Children’ Library)

 Department of Arts & Social Sciences Education Library

 Department of Mathematics & Science Education Library

College of Humanities & Legal Studies

 School of Business Library

 Institute of Development Studies Library

 Department of Sociology & Anthropology Library

 Department of Hospitality & Tourism Library

 Department of Geography & Regional Planning Library

 Department of Economics Library

 Department of History Library

 Department of Religion & Human Values Library

 Department of Ghanaian Languages & Linguistics Library

 Department of Music & Dance Library

 Department of English Library

 Department of French Library

 Department of Classic & Philosophy Library

Hall Libraries

 Oguaa Hall Library

 Adehye Hall Library

 Atlantic Hall Library

 Kwame Nkrumah Hall Library

 VALCO Hall Library

 Casely Hayford Hall Library